About the art

All drawings here are made with high quality ink, fountain pen, professional color pencils. Some have gold leaf or gold watercolor. Only originals are sold. You can purchase (a) drawing only, or (b) drawing with a standard size shadow matt, or (c) the drawing will be framed and ready to hang when you receive it. (basic, minimalistic frame, with black edges)

Contact: Joanna Zajusz 480.331.8004 

About the current creative spring

Not long ago something made me redo my definition of an artist. And the definition of the creative process. I must have done something right: my new definition liberated me. It ended the creative winter I was stuck in, like in a big pile of snow. 

About the artist

I’m Joanna Zajusz.  I started playing with pencils, paints and canvas 24 years ago. I added monoprints later in 2005. In Poland I studied art for 7 years, including the private lessons I took twice a week, since I was 17. Poland was a great place to create. There is just something in the air… that make you want to make art. In the past my main medium was oil on canvas, but one night in 1999 I sat down at my desk after work (that took me 12h a day) and started small drawings – and that continued for a year. Now out of blue this is what started happening again…

To some people who saw them they were ‘nothing’ of course, but to my delight, my professor called them “the music of the spheres.” I decided to go with that. Since he was at least 70 years old, he must have seen this or that.

Everything that you see on this website is new – created in 2015.  I will post the old ones at some point.

What about the creative winter and the definition of creativity I have changed?

Around the age of 20 I had a dream and conviction that I will live in the USA, specifically in the SouthWest. And then it happened unexpectedly, in 2000. But with realization of this dream came also a dry climate of inspiration. Over the past 15 years I made art here and there but something was missing from most of it. Then the change came: I decided not to look back at what I have done before. I opened to new medium, new vision, intuition and stopped setting expectations. I realized that creativity is about improvisation. Always? Most of the time.

I sell only originals, no prints. I don’t know how long I will be drawing like this,  since I may improvise something completely different tomorrow.

Where do I come from: 

Studied privately with the late Anna Kruczkowska – Pieczykolan – great teacher who made an anatomy drawing geniuses out of many teenagers. I studied at the University of Silesia, Poland. The place was infused with the spirit of Jerzy Nowosielski. My teachers were Witold Jacykow, Jerzy Wronski.  I got my master’s degree in 1999 in art education. My thesis was about “Minimalism in architecture in the end of 20’s century.”

But enough about me. What is your favorite color? Where Does your imagination take you when you look at abstract art?

Contact: Joanna Zajusz 480.331.8004